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My name is Ghost, I am 6+ years old and the last surviving pig of my litter of brothers and sisters.

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I began life with a family who wanted to see little guinea pigs. Soon, my parents and my siblings became too much for them to handle and the children began to foget to feed us, they were also very unkind to us. I began to detest humans and hate being touched or picked up. Humans were there to provide food and nothing more.

Eventually that family decided to spread my siblings to other homes, I was given to a woman and then later passed to another woman who bred guinea pigs. Through the breeder I learned that not all humans would harm me and I began to permit humans to touch and carry me. At the time I was one of several guinea pigs the woman had, and the only male out of all. I was given a female companion who was infertile but due to my rough handling of her I was forced to live in solitude. This upset me and I would go off my feed and pull out my fur to show it. I would sing to the girl and they to me but I could never touch them.

After a while I was given to deliriousgal as a companion for her young guinea pig Kiyoshi who she had recently bought. Kiyoshi and I were introduced and I took him under my wing. Since then we have been bonded companions.